Monty Granito

Layout and Previsualization

Previs  reel.

MontyGranito Previs/Layout Highlights 2013 from monty Granito on Vimeo.


        I've helped create shots and sequences since 2003. Over the last 12 years I've worked on 30 projects supervising nine of them and I continue to learn on every one. I've learned how to animate, stage, cover and sometimes edit almost any possible sequence. I've learned to see threw the eyes of my director and tailor each project to fit their vision. And finally, I've learned how to creatively and efficiently manage teams of artists.Great sequences come from frame of mind ,point of view and work ethic. The true supervisor has not only skill, but the ability to teach and inspire his or her team.

 From helping to design the delicate dance of Charlotte's world as she spins her first lettered web, to choreographing a downtown brawl between Optimus and Megatron in the first Transformers. Helping top create Carnivale and a mid air kiss finale for RIO to breaking the continent to separate a father and daughter in Ice Age 4. And recently leading a team of 20 previs artists as we helped reinvent Captain America's cinematic scope, each movie is a new adventure that I feel blessed to partake in.


Thanks to every Supervisor and team member I've had the privilege of working with. 

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